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The PRINT2D approach - strong from start to finish

We believe a 2D barcode strategy is only as good as its weakest link. As a result, we have set out to create the most comprehensive 2D barcode platform available.

The PRINT2D platform takes the following into consideration:
  1. Delivering the right barcode reader to the user's device,
  2. Supporting multiple 2D barcode formats including digital watermarks and designer codes,
  3. Serving TRUE mobile Web experiences,
  4. Tracking and measuring the entire mobile Web experience, not just the code,
  5. Connecting you with PRINT2D Authorized Integrated Media Partners who can ensure your 2D barcode print requirements are met.

"Generating a 2D bar code has never really been the challenge. PRINT2D focuses a considerable amount of attention on the User Experience itself, which is where most 2D barcode advertising fails to meet consumer expectations."
Nicholas Palo, Sr. Developer - PRINT2D

What makes the PRINT2D approach different?

As mobile developers, we see the 2D barcode landscape much different than most barcode management companies. We create mobile solutions and tools that support interaction on mobile devices. We don't focus as much on the code as we do the mobile experience - knowing that a 2D barcode is only as relevant as the experience to which it points. At PRINT2D, we believe in sound advice, quality solutions and an approach that puts our clients interests ahead of our own.

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