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You might not believe it, but at PRINT2D, we're "old school". We don't want to see papers and magazines go away and we don't think they will. Conversely, we don't see smartphones and handheld devices going away anytime soon either. We think traditional media and new media can co-exist and we believe 2D barcodes provide the perfect bridge to bring them together.

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The future of publishing is mobile

By 2014 80% of advertisements will contain 2D barcodes. PRINT2D helps publishers prepare for advertisers who have expectations of reaching consumers on smartphones.

"Savvy advertisers and journalists are using QR Codes already. Publishers who provide a platform for integrated media will be able to benefit in ways their competition cannot."
Jason Saber, VP - PRINT2D Publishing

Is your traditional publication prepared for the inevitable?

Currently, smartphone penetration in North America is nearly 50%. By 2015, individuals owning smartphones will top 80%. Advertisers that are not already using QR Codes in their ads soon will be. Publishers that prepared for this shift in traditional advertising will benefit by being able to successfully:

Print and Web - achieve the best of both worlds!

Let us help you get more out of your traditional publication. ClickCall™ us to learn how we can enhance every aspect of your publication - from advertisements to articles.

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