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Mobile campaign HBO's True Blood season three

Designer code turns 30 second pitch into a 5 minute experience

Television ad buys are very expensive. HBO saw an opportunity to increase their return by placing a QR Code in their TV ad promoting the 3rd season of True Blood. By placing a Designer 2D Barcode into the ad, Warbasse Design was able to provide True Blood fans with an experience that traditional ads cannot.

By integrating this new mobile strategy into their existing Television advertising campaigns, HBO was able to:
  • Extend the time they had with interested users from 30 seconds to roughly 2 to 5 minutes,
  • Strengthen the ad from a simple "pitch" for the show into an "experience" for the user - building on the brand by offering the user exclusive clips of the upcoming season,
  • Track and measure user response to the ad and campaign with metrics HBO could really sink their teeth into.

"It's in the HBO DNA to continually strive for marketing innovation and breakthrough creative ideas"
Courteney Monroe, VP Marketing - HBO

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