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QR Codes to promote voice talent

QR Codes-to-mobile audio helps voice talent land jobs

This case study is a follow-up to our last post QR Code-to-Virtual Concierge for Barefooters® Shoes, which received an overwhelming response by people interested in mobile audio. Like the Barefooters® mobile strategy, the voice talent mobile strategy also uses progressive audio downloads to feature embedded audio clips in the form of voice over reels.

These audio clips are optimized for mobile devices and converted to multiple formats in order tor reach the widest possible audience. It is that reach that enables voice talent, like Elizabeth, to advance her career even if she is not available to appear in person for an audition or reading.

"Before you can get work, you have to get noticed - you have to get the audition. When an agent scans my code they are effectively granting me that audition and the more auditions I have - the more work I get. For many agents, my mobile voice reel serves as an audition so, I find myself having to drive a lot less around Los Angeles while getting more work."
Elizabeth J. Carlisle

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