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PRINT2D mobile solutions are built for you!

PRINT2D is a custom mobile design, development and hosting company. Our platform and services enable clients to create mobile solutions that fit their needs and budget. Most of our offerings are scalable and priced accordingly. Below, we take you through our process for creating unique mobile strategies that you can believe in.

STEP 1 -- Consider your mobile strategy

The most important aspect of any 2D barcode strategy or solution is the user experience. When building a mobile campaign, consider what the user will experience when they view your Web site on a mobile device. Ask yourself what you want to achieve for your business with your mobile site (i.e. increase foot traffic, increase donations, get user feedback, reduce inventory, etc.), then select from nineteen (19) PRINT2D mobile calls-to-action that will help you achieve your goals via a mobile audience.

Standard calls-to-action

Advanced calls-to-action

Premium calls-to-action


Our media licenses dictate the manner in which the codes and websites we create may be used. A standard license is included with every order. Extended licenses are usually reserved for big companies with big plans. Learn more about PRINT2D licensing.

STEP 2 -- Get a mobile Web page or site

A true mobile user experience is the component most often missing from most 2D barcode management solutions, and therefore, most 2D barcode strategies. PRINT2D's mobile Websites are developed for mobile "touch" devices by designers that understand mobile user behavior. Choose from three levels of Web page design or get a full Web site. The number and type of pages you need depends on the number and type of mobile calls-to-action selected in step 1.

Manage content

Robust content management enables you to make changes to your campaign while it is live. PRINT2D offers an easy to use Content Management System that enables clients the ability to update things like mobile coupons, special events, alerts & notices, contact info, and more. Target any area of your campaign and submit modifications or changes without having to know anything about mobile development or design.*
*Not available for basic pages.

STEP 3 -- Host your mobile solution

Mobile detection

PRINT2D mobile hosting starts with knowing what device a user is on. We use proprietary technology and open source mobile indexes, such as WURFL and Device Atlas®, in order to "know your phone".

Mobile content delivery

Followed immediately by mobile detection, our hosted platform will deliver an experience that is customized for the device the user is on. Considerations such as the phone's browser requirements, signal strength and compatible media are all made in real-time to create an engaging mobile experience that users come back to enjoy and share with friends!

Managed codes

PRINT2D offers direct, yet, fully managed QR and Data Matrix Codes. These codes are "direct" because they go straight to their source and "managed" because you are always in control of where they point.

Mobile analytics

We employ server-side metrics to track and measure each users' experience on the mobile Web. We believe that measuring the user experience is the only way to effectively analyze the success of a mobile campaign.

...and Barcode Parking™

When a mobile campaign ends, Barcode Parking™ provides the campaign a second home where consumers who remain interested enough to scan the code are greeted with content that respects their time and interest.

STEP 4 -- Design your 2D barcode

Designer barcodes not only look great, but they are also shown to increase user expectations and ultimately scan rates. PRINT2D guarantees its Designer barcodes to look great and function across a wide range of devices and barcode readers.

Custom 2D barcodes

Custom barcodes are included with every hosting plan we offer. Choose two design options free. Add $50, one time, for each additional option.

Designer 2D barcodes

All our designer 2D barcodes are created by hand. We guarantee the functionality of our designer barcodes over a myriad of handsets, operating systems and readers.

STEP 5 -- Partner with a 2D barcode print professional

Connecting you with PRINT2D Integrated Media Partners who can ensure your 2D barcode print requirements are met.

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