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A direct approach to 2D barcode management

The difference between PRINT2D and our friends in the competition is Direct. Direct codes deliver the user to the same location where the mobile content is being served, so the experience is faster with less chance for interruptions.

We leave the indirect approach to the competition

Barcode management companies use an indirect approach to access content. This method employs server hops to route users through no less than two separate servers before reaching their final destination. The more hops in the chain, the greater the risk the user will experience difficulty receiving content in a timely fashion, if at all.

Why do other platforms use an indirect approach?

The answer is simple. Barcode management companies make their money by tracking the scan rate and other passive statistics relating to the actual scan. These statistics are gathered between the Lookup Server and the Name Server. Since these companies have no vested interest in hosting and tracking mobile content, they have no choice but to re-route users through their servers first, in order to obtain the statistics they sell you.

PRINT2D's direct codes are fully manageable

A managed code comes in handy when you need to change where it points. The graphic below demonstrates the concept behind PRINT2D's managed codes.

Is your 2D barcode direct?

If you're using a barcode management company or system - probably not. ClickCall™ us to learn how we can give your audience a cleaner, quicker path to your online experience.

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