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2D barcode reader assistant in White Label

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Now in white label

PRINT2D is proud to offer our 2DGO QR Code and Data Matrix Reader Assistant in white label - ad free. Our solution allows for re-branding and url masking.

Your brand is front and center

Keep your brand in front of consumers as you prepare them with the tools they need to experience your integrated advertising message. Branded reader assistants give your ad campaign a holistic look and feel - taking the consumer through the experience from start to finish. Clients who wish to create a fully transparent solution can elect to mask our url with their own.

Combine the power of our 2DGO platform with your image

QR Code & Data Matrix:
QR Codes are the most widely integrated 2D barcode format. This icon is for suggested QR Code & Data Matrix readers.

URL Masking:
URL masking ensures that your visitors see your domain name and not the destination URL of the mobile server.

PRINT2D's 2DGO white label QR Code reader assistant includes QR Code and Data Matrix readers. All reader assistants come with Text Engine support. Turn around time is approximately 3 days.
$3,250 includes mobile hosting for one year. White label reader assistants work using mobile detection and renew at the Advanced mobile hosting rate after the first year.

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