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An effective argument for mobile streaming and why it is better than forcing the user to download audio and video

Stream audio and video to any mobile device

Server-side mobile detection & buffered content delivery

Professional mobile streaming starts with server-side mobile-detection, which is used to serve the best file format to the user's device. From there we stream mobile content, such as audio and video, without forcing users to wait for files to download. Instead of storing large files on the user's device, mobile streaming divides the content into smaller units called "packets" and "buffers" each packet in a continuous stream. By streaming multi-media to the user, instead of forcing a download, the experience can start immediately without taking up valuable resources on the device itself.

PRINT2D Mobile Streaming in three easy steps

PRINT2D's Mobile streaming platform streams audio and video to any smartphone or tablet. When it comes to clarity and seamless delivery, our mobile streaming is second to none. Jump in and experience the difference for yourself.
1 File Conversion

First, we convert your audio and video files to multiple mobile formats. We accept a wide variety of file types and convert to even more.
> Format conversion list

2 Mobile Detection

Second, we detect the user's handheld device in order to deliver the correct file format and protocol (http, mms, rtsp) to open the stream.
> Mobile detection test

3 Mobile Streaming

Third, multi-bit rate streaming "buffers", media at a bit rate that best matches the viewer's current connection speed.

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