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2D barcode reader assistant

The right reader for the right device

2DGO provides a bridge between readers, code types & devices

No single barcode reader works on every device
There are hundreds of QR, Data Matrix, and various other 2D barcode readers on the market. There is no single reader among them that works on every device and many do not work well, even on the devices they are developed for.
No single barcode reader can scan every type of barcode
Currently, there are approximately fifty barcode formats (code types) including image recognition, in the marketplace. No single reader is capable of scanning all of these code types.
2DGO offers a unique solution
Created for PRINT2D clients, 2DGO is the perfect solution to find the right barcode reader for any device.
2DGO provides a single call-to-action
2DGO provides a single call-to-action for every device in the form of both a url and text solution.

2DGO is simple, fast, user-friendly and absolutely free

Simply TEXT print2d TO 368266 (DOTORG). Or, go to on your handheld device.

Once the user hits 2DGO on the mobile Web platform, their handset is automatically detected and they will be given three options described below:

QR Code & Data Matrix:
QR Codes are the most widely integrated 2D barcode format. This icon is for suggested QR Code & Data Matrix readers.

Alternate Formats:
This icon is for suggested alternate 2D barcode format readers, including MS Tag®, Scanlife®, Wimo® and others.

2D Barcode Identifier:
Covering the 10 most popular 2D barcode formats, this icon delivers the best readers based on the aesthetic features of the code itself.

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