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Custom 2D barcodes are a smart bet

Custom codes get more scans

Our research into the effectiveness of mobile advertising using 2D barcodes gives us a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't - from the user's perspective. After much testing, we know that people prefer to scan custom barcodes nearly 9 to 1 over traditional barcodes with no design attributes. The psychological components that go into the decision making process include:
  • Level of attraction - increases when users have something to identify with such as color, shape and texture.
  • Comfort level - increases when users can associate the code with a brand or product they know.
  • Expectation level - increases with the appeal created by multi-faceted designs.

We guarantee our custom codes work great!

PRINT2D guarantees our custom 2D barcodes to work across the largest variety of handheld devices and the top 2D barcode readers currently available.

Custom codes are included with every hosting plan

Based on what we know, we believe in the importance of custom 2D barcodes so much that we feel compelled to include them with every hosting plan we offer.

Customize your code - free!

Choose two design options free. Add $50, one time, for each additional option.

Click here to discover custom code design options

One Color (any hex color)
Choose from 16 million colors to give your code a little character. We'll make sure the color you chose meets the contrast requirements to pass with flying colors!

Rounded Corners
Round all 90 degree angles off to give your code a unique appeal.

Outlining (solid / dotted)
Outlining is useful when you need to work your code into high contrast or dark backgrounds. Choose from solid or dotted outlines to help blend your code into existing artwork.

Textures (glossy / pixilated)
Get rough or go smooth with texture fills. Choose glossy to achieve a glass effect or pixilated to achieve a more techno look.

Two-color Gradients (linear / radial)
Two-color gradient pattern fills add not only color, but also depth and dimension to your code.


Custom 2D barcodes take between one (1) to two (2) days to create. We offer a choice of file formats including .png, .jpg, .tif and .eps for final delivery.


Choose two design options free. Add a $50.00 one time fee for each additional option. Included with every hosting package. Not sold separately.

Want to add your brand or logo?

Designer 2D barcodes place your brand front and center. Click here to find out more about PRINT2D's certified designer 2D barcodes.

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