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PRINT2D mobile programs

PRINT2D's mobile programs are created to support our clients with innovative extras that help them engage mobile users on a variety of levels. Our programs are created as we see the need to address certain industries or methodologies. Below is an overview of our most recent programs.

MobileOn™ is a mobile directory created to help shoppers, on mobile devices, find out more about the merchants in their immediate area. Currently a pilot program in West Los Angeles, MobileOn™ provides free mobile directory listings for all local merchants and mobile Web solutions for merchants who wish to join the program.

2D Radio™
2D Radio™ provides access to thousands of radio streams using the mobile Web. Advertisers may purchase "display ads" or audio tie-ins. 2D Radio™ supports our radio tie-ins mobile-call-to-action.

2DGO™ delivers the correct reader to the consumer's phone with a free, automated solution that is routinely updated. 2DGO™ offers integrated media advertisers a call-to-action in the form of a text delivery solution and Web address to include with any 2D barcode campaign.

Our programs set the pace

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